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Anti-Drowning Alarm - Child Drowning Alarm - Water Immersion Alarm China

Anti-Drowning Alarm combined Anti-Lost Alarm
Watch the test videos of Safety Angel

1) Safety Angel is working on Anti-Drowning Alarm.
2) Safety Angel is working on Anti-Lost Alarm.

What is Safety Angel?

Safety Angel is an anti-drowning alarm combinded anti-lost alarm, it's an safety electronic device for protectiing children or pets from drowning and lost. It can also be used as a swimming pool alarm, tracking child locator and safety water alarm.

How does Safety Angel work?

Anti-Drowning Alarm:
When the Bracelet is immersed into the water, the Base Unit will sound alarm and vibrate. The detecting distance is about 50 meters.

Anti-Lost Alarm:
When the Bracelet is leaving a presettable distance (0-50m), the Base Unit will sound alarm and vibrate.

Water Immersion AlarmChild Locator
The components of Safety Angel
Base Unit

Base Unit:
This small, easy to use device is used by the parent or guardian to detect the Bracelet wearer. The Base Unit, a handheld device, allows parents to detect many Bracelets simultaneously.


This specially designed, water-resistant wristband bracelet is worn and locked to the kids. The Bracelet is designed to be fun to wear and requires no interaction on the part of the child. It contains a strong locking mechanism that can not be opened without a key and it's completely waterproof.

Tha packing of Safety Angel
Safety Angel Packing Box Safety Angel Packing Box
The new use anti-lost alarm

It is obvious that Safety Angel increases more security to your kids because of the added anti-lost alarm.

The traditional anti-drowning device can just alert parents when the children is immersed into water hazards places in a limited range about 30-40 meters. It can protect children from drowning to some extent, but we think it is not enough, actually dangerous.

Children, babies and toddlers are always lively and movable, they are easy to creep out of parents' surveillance. Even if parents got an anti-drowning alarm, toddlers may fall into a swimming pool and other water places without an alarm, because of they have creeped out of detecting range 30-40 meters.

What a terrible thing if the above drowning happens! Now you are recommended to use Safety Angel to preclude the above tragedy. You can adjust the lost detecting distance in Near, Middle or Far mode to surveil your children in your eyes. Once the children and kids try to creep out of the presettable distance, the Base Unit will sound alarm and vibrate. (The anti-drowning alarm distance is always about 50 meters, it’s not changed with the anti-lost alarm distance.)

anti-lost detecting
The features of Safety Angel

Safety Angel has many new FEATURES, it's safe and reliable in use, please read more information.

The applicaton areas of Safety Angel

Safety Angel can be used at many areas, like private swimming pool, garden ponds, river side, sea water, other water immersion places, beach, on boat, on street, on travel, supermarket, mall etc., please read more information.

Safety Angel can protect pets

Safety Angel is well used for protecting pets by the additional wristbands.

Safety Angel has no interference

Some buyers may worry that both or more Safety Angel will interfere each other. Fortunately, our engineers developed a new technology that sucessfully avoiding any interference among many Safety Angel in use. Simply to say, each Safety Angel is a set, if another family is using another Safety Angel near by, both Safety Angel won’t interfere.

Safety Angel can be used a wristband pool alarm
Wristband Pool Alarm

Safety Angel is not a traditional inground swimming pool alarm. The traditional inground pool alarm needs to be installed at the side of pool deck. Once it's installed, it can't be moved. Safety Angel is a kind of wristband swimming pool alarm, its use range is beyond a traditional pool alarm. It not only detects children's drowning for inground pool and spas, also detects above ground swimming pools, even can be used outdoor, like at the sea, beach, pond, river side, on boat etc. What's more important is Safety Angle has an added anti-lost alarm such function increase system's security very much.

Our Safety Statement - Important!

Safety Angel Anti Drowning Alarm combined Anti Lost Alarm is not a substitute for parents' diligent supervision or an adequate barrier to restrict the access of children to water hazards. Although the anti-lost alarm increases security of children's losing, we also suggest parents should look after their baby carefully anytime and anywhere.