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Inno Technolog is testing and obtained some of the following authoritative certificates: CE, RoHS, FCC, ASTM, NF, SGS, etc.

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Ningbo Inno Technology Co., Ltd.

According to statistics, there are thousands of children in the world drown in swimming pools, spas or other water hazards each year. To provide more security for family swimming pools and spas, Ningbo Inno Technology Co., Ltd. is contributed to develop and manufacture all kinds of pool security products, including Pool Alarms and Water Immersion Anti-Drowning Device.

Get peace of mind of your swimming pool and your children is what we are trying to work at. Inno is doing the best to make your pool and spas to experience the most carefree and reassuranced security. With our experienced engineers and other employees, we create a real pool safety angel to protect your children and pets, to secure your family's future.

In pursuit of the concept of Innovation, High Technology, Profession and Reputation, Inno is growing fast in security alarm fields. Inno products perform ABSOLUTELY reliably and safely. Inno as your electronic Safety Angel is willing to establish cooperation relationship with you for a long stage, continually improving your home security and secure your family's future all the time.

All our products come with our full manufacturer guarantee, and we will continue to support any pool security product throughout its life.

Our website www.poolangel.com will continue to develop to reflect the latest and best products available in the field of Pool Safety Alarms and Children Safety Alarms.

Inno explains the sense of INNOVATION, and it will continuously prove your advisable determination when you choose Inno as a supplier in pool security field. We hope to supply you the best choice of quality pool products at the best prices and customer satisfaction second to none.